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Fencing Toowoomba, Surat basin & Surrounds

Privacy Fencing delivers total fencing solutions no matter what your requirements. All jobs can be customised for your location.

Whether it's to provide insulation from traffic noise or protect your construction site from unwanted visitors, we can design and construct high-quality fencing in the colours of your choice.

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Types of Fences - Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing
Chainwire Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Chainwire Fencing / Security Fencing

Looking for a simple and affordable solution for all year-round security, Chainwire fencing is a popular choice. Chainwire is galvanised for durability and there's very little ongoing maintenance required.

Commonly used for:
  • Tennis courts
  • Sports grounds
  • School fencing
  • Internal partitions in warehouses
  • Animal fences
  • Prisons
  • Storage cages
  • Construction sites
  • Parks
  • Airports
  • Helipads
  • Power sites
  • Rural
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Weldmesh Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Weldmesh Fencing

Steel mesh which is galvanised and reinforced into sheets or rolls for easily transportable. It is available in different sizes and wire diameters.

Weldmesh is most commonly used for:
  • Animal enclosures for vets, catteries or kennels
  • Storage facility partitions
  • Barrier fencing
  • Public event crowd control
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Garden Frames
Brush Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Brush fencing / Privacy Fencing

Constructed from tea tree and held together by galvanised steel wiring, brush fencing is highly durable, weatherproof, low maintenance and insulates your property from street noise. It's also great as a windbreak or privacy screen for hotel or motel pool area.

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Colorbond Steel Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Colorbond® Fencing

With 9 out of 10 homes built in Australia having roofs or fences made from Colorbond® steel, it's clear that colorbond is the choice for Australian backyards since the 1950s.

Not only does the diverse range of colours make it simple to coordinate colours with your home, but it is also low maintenance and fire-resistant for added peace of mind.

Read more on the colorbond website.
Glass Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

If you're looking to add safety to your pool without losing the style from your beautiful backyard and pool area, glass pool fencing is the way to go!

Available in frameless or semi-framed glass, this fencing solution provides you with an unobstructed view while meeting all Australian Safety Standards. Constructed with thick, tough glass, it's definitely something to consider

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Timber Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Timber fencing / Decorative Fencing

Timber fences can complement any property and are simple to install, even when the property is on an uneven or sloped site. Privacy Fencing comes in a variety of different styles or timber types such as colonial style with decorative pickets or the cost-effective paling fences. All custom-made to meet your specific property's requirements.

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Pier & infill Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Pier & Infill Fencing

Although pier & infill panel fencing is more ordinarily used to surround heritage style homes, it is still fitting for modern homes as well as commercial premises and pretty much anything you can think of!

This type of fencing is extremely versatile. Constructed with concrete or stone piers for a strong structure, slats are then added to finish. With endless possibilities to choose from including; horizontal or vertical timber slats, tubular powder-coated fencing or decorative panels.

Pier & infill fencing is personalised to suit your home or business and it's personality so you can be sure everything ties in nicely.
Powder Coated Fencing Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Powder Coated Fencing

Powder-coated fencing is available in two different styles; decorative style and security style for heavy-duty protection (More commonly used in commercial properties).

All tubular, powder-coated fencing is galvanised and available with a range of locking systems for gates. Choose from looped or flat top railings to suit what's best for you.

Commonly used for:
  • Swimming pools
  • Decorative boundary fences
  • Public parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Gardens
  • Hotels/motels
Automated Gates Toowoomba | Privacy Fencing

Automated Gates

Protect your property family, home or commercial premises from unauthorised access with the addition of an automated gate to your new or existing fence.

Automated gates are custom made to complement the width of any driveway and style of building.

We cater to homeowners, body corporates and commercial properties throughout Toowoomba and Surat Basin regions.

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